How To Make Your Guests Comfortable Throughout Your Wedding

Every wedding is a moment of joy, not only for the couple but the families and friends as well. You want your loved ones to share in your joy, so you invite them from far and near. But while at it, you also need to ensure they’re comfortable throughout the wedding.

The sheer beauty of venues, from blank canvas lofts to spectacular ballrooms in Chicago, is something you don’t want your loved ones to miss, no matter where they live. So, here’s how to ensure they’re comfortable during your wedding.

1. Ensure adequate space

People don’t like to feel cramped into tight spaces during ceremonies. Providing your guests with fair personal space during your wedding can go a long way in improving their comfort.

Consider estimating the expected number of attendees and getting a venue large enough to occupy them while still having considerable space. (You want to prepare for the worst-case scenario.) Have extra chairs available too.

2. Keep venue temperature in mind

As summer beach weddings are exciting, you’ll want to consider avoiding your guests from getting scorched by the sun. Depending on the temperature and season, it’s an excellent idea to have options for your guests.

For instance, having an air-conditioned indoor reception area for a summer beach wedding is great so that guests can cool off a bit. If it would be frosty at some point, ask them to come with jackets or shawls.

3. Give directions

Guests coming from far away don’t want to have trouble locating the venue. This is especially crucial if many buildings look similar to your venue. So it’s wise to be specific with your description.

Your wedding planner can attend to this if you have one. Using signage can also be of tremendous help.

4. Provide transportation

If you have many friends and family coming from far away, they might not know how to get around Chicago. So consider directing them to the hotel closest to your wedding venue.

Additionally, it’s a great idea to provide transportation for them to and from the hotel. A chartered bus shuttle is a great option for that. You can get a bus rental in Chicago to handle that so your guests can all move in luxury and sync.

5. Put up some bathroom kits

A bathroom kit is a small basket you put in each bathroom at the wedding reception, filled with small items your guests might need. These can be hairspray, hair ties, hairspray, toothpicks, bubble gum, bobby pins, etc.

6. Consider the parents and their kids

Of course, no wedding ceremony is complete without parents. Some might come with their kids, but some wouldn’t. Whatever the case, you want to ensure parents can comfortably enjoy a date night at your wedding without worrying about their kids.

Consider hiring a wedding childcare service or nanny to attend to the kids so your guests can be comfortable. An alternative is to have a play area with activities to keep kids entertained throughout the wedding.

7. Keep it short

No one wants to spend all day at a wedding event. So try to make it as short as possible so that your guests won’t get bored and will be able to get back to their hotel or destinations on time.

If it would be a long ceremony, consider stating that in your invitation card so your guests can prepare. Furthermore, ensure there’s enough food, drinks, and entertainment to keep them comfortable and happy throughout the wedding.

Final Words

What makes a wedding grand is proper planning. It’s hard to do it alone since, of course, you haven’t done this before. But good thing you’re trying to get as much information as possible. Also, consider getting a wedding planner or experienced friend to assist you.

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