How Busy Real Estate Moms Can Increase Productivity in Less Time

Busy moms are productively challenged. As a busy mom, it can be difficult to keep up with all the day-to-day activities and even harder to create the free time needed for a healthy work/life balance. Increasing your productivity often means that you’ll need to improve your efficiency and multitasking. 

Real estate agent moms can use productive time management skills to reduce their time doing routine tasks. You can also reduce the time spent gathering information or looking for specific items by implementing some of the productivity tips below. They can help you to learn how to be more efficient and consistently productive. If you have a website, you can improve your home search with Showcase IDX. There is plenty of great eXp Realty training out there which can help you set it up and attracts leads easily. 

Tips that Busy Real Estate Moms Can Use to Increase Productivity in Less Time

1. Focus on Only the Highest-Priority Tasks

You may have a list of items that need to be done but only work on the highest-priority task in your list. If a high-priority task requires more time than you have, break down the task into smaller jobs and only work on those. 

Also, ask yourself if there’s a reason to complete the task right now instead of some other time or not at all. The 80/20 rule is most important for busy real estate agents. It states that 80 percent of your results come from 20 percent of your efforts. Keep this rule in mind when determining which tasks to work on. The rule helps real estate agents do more in less time by focusing on the most critical tasks.

2. Delegate as Much as Possible

Although you might be tempted to handle every aspect of business personally, you must realize that this is not necessary. The best real estate agents delegate as much as possible, especially when completing tasks. 

Delegating is often more efficient than handling everything personally and can help you get better results by allowing others to add their creativity and efficiency into the mix. You can delegate to other team members, vendors, partners, co-workers, or a Real Estate Law Firm. Build a system to make your tasks easier and work better with less stress.

3. Use Automation

One of the best ways for busy real estate agents to increase productivity is by using automation in some tasks. It can be easy to forget about tasks you no longer complete or even to start them, only to lose track of what type of progress you are making. 

Automating your task can help you focus on the essential things and increase efficiency. It is helpful to automate the tasks that you’re the most likely to forget or that you don’t even complete, such as searching for listings and other paperwork. The following are examples of automation you can use;

Email Follow-Up

It’s easy to get caught up in your day-to-day activities and forget about emails you need to respond to, especially an email sent weeks ago. Setting up an email follow-up reminder for every received email will ensure that you are responding to emails promptly. 

Emails sent by real estate agents are typically copies of emails sent by the seller’s agent. An automated email follow-up allows you to reduce your response time and increase the likelihood of follow-up responses.

Social Media Posting

Social media for real estate offers a great way to engage with valuable leads and gain new customers. However, social media can quickly become a time sink if you are posting too frequently or if you’re missing an essential piece of information about each post. 

A social media posting tool that does the work for you is the most efficient way to post on social media. These tools can send out automated messages reminding you to post important updates, or they can catch you if you forget to post.

Document Review and Filing System

One of the worst things a busy real estate agent can do is get bogged down in paperwork and send out follow-up inquiries without reviewing the information or organizing it correctly. The best way to handle this task is by using a document review tool such as DocuSign. DocuSign can review and update your files for you. It will also send a reminder for follow-up inquiries or essential updates.

4. Work in Defined Periods and Stick to Them

Many real estate agents are tempted to work as long as possible when they don’t have too many responsibilities during the day. However, this can lead to an inefficient schedule. It’s best to set aside specific periods for high-priority tasks that you must complete and stick with them. 

For example, you may set aside two hours of your day to research saving options for your clients and then set aside another two hours a few days later for client communications. As a mother, you need to be realistic when scheduling. It would be best if you had time for the essential things, including family time and self-care.

5. Add Buyer’s Agents

Hiring a buyer’s agent to work with your team can significantly increase productivity. Buyer’s agents can take on some daily searches for new listings. They can also help with contract negotiations and the closing process, which leaves you more time to focus on selling properties instead of spending your time negotiating contracts. 

The best part is that you will still get paid for the work that buyer’s agents complete. They can also help you manage your marketing and produce results even when unavailable. 

They can also assist in the quality of work that you produce as a real estate agent by looking over information such as recent updates on homes, information on homes that are currently listed, and other details.


Busy mothers must remember that increasing productivity and improving efficiency do not happen overnight. Use these tips as a starting point, and then work on building your strategies for increased efficiency. 

You’ll experience better outcomes in your business and busy mom life as you put more effort into improving your productivity skills. It’s time to tackle your list and reclaim the time you’re working too hard on unnecessary tasks.

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