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I’ve got a few pairs of boots. I’ve got UGGs, flat boots, knee high boots and ridiculously high heeled stilettos boots. All of them (bar the stilettos) were fairly practical for life in the city. However, when we moved to Wales in October, I realised I had absolutely nothing suitable for walks on the beach and the countryside. We went for a six-mile walk when my parents came up for a weekend, and I wore boots that made my feet ache like mad after the first couple of miles. I wanted something that would keep my feet warm and dry, that looked stylish, but most importantly, were comfortable. It seemed like an impossible task  until I saw the Hotter shoes range of boots.

Hotter Shoes Review

Hotter are a brand that, like many women my age, I’d never really taken a great deal of notice of. I knew they were very good quality, but I thought they were aimed at women older than me. Once I visited the website, I realised just how wrong they are. They have boots and shoes for just about everyone.

Hotter shoes

They have some proper walking boots, which would obviously be the most practical choice, but I wanted something that would be really pretty as well. As soon as I spotted these Orla boots, I fell in love. They look nice, they look comfortable and they have a GORE-TEX membrane for breathability and for waterproofing. I originally opted for the black pair, but they were out of stock in my size so I chose the maroon ones instead.

They came pretty quickly, and as soon as I opened the box I knew they would be exactly what I needed. They fitted like a dream, and the deep toe box meant my toes had plenty of wriggle room. They were absolutely gorgeous as well – I’m really glad I had the maroon ones. They go with everything in my wardrobe and are perfect for Autumn and Winter.


I have literally worn them every day since I’ve had them. The one morning they went on my feet at 7.30am, and didn’t come off until 8pm that night. We walked absolutely miles – across the beach, rocks, through the town – and my feet didn’t ache one little bit. They felt like they were gently hugging my feet, and they stayed warm and dry, even after stepping into a stream on the beach.

These Hotter boots are literally my dream boots – perfect for  walking on the beach but stylish enough for the school runs, whilst keeping my feet dry and comfortable. They are worth every penny of the £95 retail price!

* I was sent these boots free of charge for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

7 thoughts on “Hotter Shoes Review | AD”

  1. Awesome pair of shoes. Great color. Looks comfortable. Great especially when you walk around with kids.

  2. These look great for doing trips to the school. It’s quite a muddy trail to my sons school so I’m always on the lookout for good boots

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