Hosting A Party? Don’t Make These Classic Errors

Hosting a party can go one of two ways. One where everybody has a great time, remembers all the little things that you did to make it special, and gets you invites to many future parties – the other, well it doesn’t really need thinking about, other than to say an expensive cleanup!

Here we look at ways to avoid making the classic errors. With a little preparation and foresight, and with these great tips in mind, you’ll be sitting back the next day and smiling to yourself for a great party, well thrown. Read on to see just how it’s done.

Worrying and Panicking

Throwing a decent party is not rocket science so stop treating it as such. Building up the levels of expectation etc. in your own mind will not help you function and will inevitably lead to you panicking where calmness is required.

Think, you may have said the food at 8, but if everyone is chatting and enjoying themselves if it turns out to be 9, who cares! If all goes wrong, there is nothing wrong with ordering out for pizza, who doesn’t love pizza after all?


You decide to create fancy cocktails, but then realise that you have no mixology skills and are missing half of the ingredients in any event. Drinks are crucial so don’t forget them either, make sure that there are enough, together with the necessary add-ons such as ice, mixers etc. Now drinks should be cold, so think of a way to keep all of the drinks cold and ready for when the guests arrive. If you do want a cocktail, maybe make a punch bowl full for people to help themselves.

Remember though not everyone drinks, and some may be driving so have plenty of soft drinks and water available too.


Now is not the time to become a master chef, undertaking an invention test, nor is it time to overcomplicate, or cook dishes you’ve never tried before, let alone mastered. Stick to what you know is good, have vegetarian options, (guests should ideally be asked about dietary restrictions) and ensure that there are plenty of plates and cutlery for usage.

Failure to Prep….

….Is prepping to fail. So make sure that you do as much prep as possible before the party, meaning that there is little left to do at the party. You’re the host after all and a good host needs to be seen and to engage!


People will offer help, it’s what they do. So, if they do, take it. It means that you’re at least engaging with one other person at the party after all.


Know who they are, what they do, their partners etc. This is essential to avoid any faux pas such as the divorced guest being forced to introduce his new partner that’s not his wife! Also, expect some of the unexpected. If your invite says bring a friend, then they might, so this needs to be taken into account for food and drink levels. Just be certain that invites are not open, and posted on Facebook or the like, unless you’re prepared for a mass invasion. Put simply – know you guests and the numbers.


If you want to go the extra mile, give your party a theme – just make sure that, unless you want your guests to put in hours of effort, it doesn’t require a huge amount of preparation on their part. Think non-offensive fun, such as celebrity face masks (you can find them here:, tequila cocktails, Beatles songs, pillow fight, Christmas jumpers…. the list goes on.

There really is no need to worry, these simple tips will help guide you through the party process both before and during the event. There’s no need to hide behind celebrity masks either, just be yourself and enjoy your party. After all, you’ve earned it.

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