Why a Healthy Pregnancy is Important for Your Baby

During pregnancy, your body is the vessel that gives your growing baby all the nutrients that it needs. Being as healthy as possible before and during pregnancy gives your baby the best start in life.
Take a look at these tips from HARTMANN Direct for a healthy pregnancy:

See Your Doctor Midwife As Soon As Possible


As soon as the pregnancy test gives a positive indication, take a trip to see your doctor to confirm your pregnancy and get the ball rolling in terms of professional medical care.

Enjoy the first few months, relax and rest.

Eat Well


What you eat in pregnancy is incredibly important to the developing foetus;

  • Increase folic acid – this is the nutrient that is essential for the development of the brain and the nervous system and is important in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. Many women are also advised to increase folic acid in the pre-conception stage too.
  • Fruit and vegetables – eat a rainbow of fruit and vegetables every day, and makes sure that you get your five-a-day all the way through pregnancy.
  • Protein – get your protein from lean meats, fish, eggs, nuts and pulses and make sure you have a daily intake of protein.
  • Oily fish – omega 3 is packed with protein, vitamin D and other minerals and is found in oily fish such as salmon. Aim to include two portions of oil fish in your diet ever week.

There are some foods that pregnant women are advised not to eat – check the latest government advice if you are unsure.

Pregnancy Supplements


If you eat a varied and healthy diet pre-pregnancy and during pregnancy, you may feel that you don’t need to take any additional vitamins and supplements.

If you feel you need some extra help in terms of nutrition, always check with your doctor or midwife before taking any supplements that they are safe to do so during pregnancy.

Any vitamins and minerals need to be within safe amounts and guidelines. Taking large amounts of vitamins can be harmful. For example, vitamin A in some sources is beneficial but from other sources, can be harmful as the levels of the vitamin are too high and not needed.

Other supplements, such as fish oil, especially from fish liver, is considered too potent for a developing foetus and thus, pregnant women are advised to carefully check all products.

Food Hygiene


Staying as healthy as possible means that your baby has the best chances of developing at the rate that it needs to.

There are many things that in ordinary situations are fine but when pregnant, can be a serious issue. Food poisoning and poor food hygiene present significant issues to pregnant women which is why you should pay close attention to how you store, prepare and cook food at home.

Ensure that all meat is well-cooked and stay away from foods that are known to cause food poisoning, such as raw shellfish and some potent cheeses made from mould.

Only drink and cook with pasteurised dairy products too.

Stay Active and Fit


Labour and giving birth is hard work and this is why, to help towards a successful birth, you should stay active and fit.

This also helps to maintain good blood pressure but also helps with your emotional state of mind too.

Some exercises are suitable for pregnant women, such as pregnancy yoga, Pilates, swimming and walking for example, but if you play a sport that could lead to falls or knocks, as well as impacting on your joints, it may be best to take a break for a few months.

Start Pelvic Floor Exercises


The pelvic floor is the muscle that helps to control the bladder. During pregnancy, the surge in hormones can cause it to weaken, leading to a frequency in the urge and need to urinate.

You also need a strong pelvic floor to help you during labour and birth thus, pelvic floor muscles are essential. The good news is that they can be part of your exercise routine from before and during pregnancy, and immediately after birth too.

You don’t need any fancy equipment and they are practised in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Rest and Relax


Just as important as staying fit and active for your developing baby, is the need for you to rest and relax. You may find sleeping becomes more uncomfortable, more so in late pregnancy. This means more power naps during the day. Try investing in a pregnancy pillow to help you be more comfortable at night or when you sit.

An active pregnancy, with a healthy diet and plenty of rest is the perfect combination!
Written by HARTMANN Direct, an online supplier of incontinence pads and pants. They have a range of incontinence products suitable for all stages of pregnancy.

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