Halfway there – 20 weeks!

Not a long update this week…but we’ve reached the halfway point – 20 weeks!!

Last week I said the heat wasn’t bothering me – I definitely spoke too soon! Physically I feel OK, but I feel really tired all the time. I think it is more the hot evenings that make sleeping very hard that is the worst bit. I would quite happily go and lie outside in the garden with a book, but don’t have that luxury with the kids!

Hopefully, by this time next week we will know if Squiggles is a boy or a girl. We have our twenty week scan on Monday, which I’m really excited about but nervous about as well, as the main purpose for the scan is to check everything is okay.

Baby has become really active over the last few days. As soon as I sit down and chill out he or she goes mad. I don’t think its going to be long until daddy and everyone else will have the chance to feel when he or she kicks. At the moment it is like someone prodding my insides with a stick!

Anyway, leaving you with a photo of my halfway there bump!

20 weeks

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19 thoughts on “Halfway there – 20 weeks!”

  1. The heat is bothering me this week and I am not even pregnant – I was forced to invent a new word – swumpy – meaning sweaty and bad tempered!! Hope scan goes well, exciting times!

  2. Sorry to hear the heat has been getting to you, both Roo and Tigger are November babies so I can remember feeling uncomfortable all summer long.

    Fingers crossed for your scan on Monday

  3. We were in the middle of a heatwave when my eldest was born and for some reason I loved the heat, I couldn’t get enough. The only thing I found was that I tanned almost instantly while I was pregnant – weird eh?!

  4. Am totally with you re. the heat! The other night I went into the bathroom at 2am and just lay on the floor to get some respite! We’ve been sleeping with the window open and duvet off but I’m still waking up all hot and sweaty. I love the sunshine and heat – but would love it to ease off a bit at night. Good luck for your scan – I can relate to the nerves, I was a bag of nerves the couple of weeks prior to mine. Thank you for linking up to the #BlogBumpClub again. x

  5. Well hurrah for half way! Hopefully for all of us it will get a bit cooler soon – although I do love the sunshiny days!

  6. A huge congratulations on reaching half way! It’s a massive milestone. Bet you can’t wait until Monday … hope it all goes well 🙂 #BlogBumpClub

  7. Good luck with your scan. What with seeing my new 3 week old nephew today and your bump pic I’m starting to feel quite broody!

  8. Ah the heat is killing me at night. I just cant sleep at night, have a fan on all night long.

    Bet you cant wait to find out what your having. You will be able to start shopping then. There are some lovely girls things out there at the min.

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