Getting Crazy, Creative and Cool with Kids

Regardless of whether you have toddlers or teenagers, getting creative is a brilliant way to bring the family together.  A little like cooking, craft means you need to work as a team and gives you something brilliant at the end of it.  

Allowing my kids to express themselves is both important to them and to me.  My grandparents had a brilliant saying ‘make do and mend’ which I am reminded of every time I take on an upcycling project.

There are millions of ideas on the internet, from repurposing old chairs like in this post to making your own clothes.  Other than an interest from your children, there isn’t an age limit for being creative.  Young children can learn to sew using small pieces of felt and round ended sewing needles with larger thread to make their own soft toys or small cushions. Teenagers can use more technical equipment like professional hot melt glue guns to create really impressive furniture or picture frames.

The internet has opened up the world of DIY craft, giving you the ability to buy well-made basics then work with your children to develop something special.  

Trinket boxes are really great for any age.  Whether you purchase the base online or use an existing box, such as a gift box, all you need is a large table, lots of coloured paper or fabric and various seeds, sequins or gems that can be instantly stuck on.  Something as simple as these Hatching Stick Puppets could be used to create a puppet show for the family

Here’s a fantastic guide for making your own Glitter Ball to really add some sparkle to any kids room and give you a few hours of quality time with your children.

You will need:
A styrofoam ball – You choose the size.
Old Cd’s cut into small square
Some wire
Paper clip
Heavy Scissors
A skewer
Glue Gun

1: Start by taking the styrofoam ball and holding it onto a hard work surface,  Using the skewer push straight down through the centre.  Removed your skewer, take the wire and thread through, wrap around the paperclip pulling the wire up so the clip is flat under the ball holding itself in place.

2: Using scissors cut the CD’s into uniform squares.  Then, holding the ball with the paperclip against the work surface, use your glue gun to stick the pieces of CD to your ball.  Make sure the reflective side faces up.  Repeat this process until the whole ball is covered.

3: Once your glue has dried, use the wire to hang the ball from the ceiling, preferably near a light source.  Then sit back and watch as light dances around your room.

You don’t have to use a CD, if you want a really professional look it is possible to buy small mirrored mosaic tiles from many craft stores.  You could even spray the styrofoam silver to ensure any gaps are discreet.


The most important part of all of this is to have fun, allow your children the freedom to make mistakes.  Spend time teaching them that creativity is cool.  



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