How to Get Ready for a Baby Coming Home

If you’re entering the last weeks of pregnancy, something you need to think about is getting your home ready for the new arrival! It’s worth recruiting help from partners, friends and family as there’s a lot to do and it’s well worth taking the time to do it properly.

Clearing Clutter

Over the next weeks, months and years, you’re going to have a new and demanding priority in your life, and it’s not those shelves you never got around to putting up.

This is an ideal time to clear out your home, especially if previously you’ve been using the baby’s room for storage, or as a spare room. Getting out to donate extraneous items to charity shops can be a fun break in routine in the later stages of pregnancy as long as you have appropriate help with heavy and awkward bags.

If you’ve got things you don’t want to donate or sell, it’s worth looking into a storage facility for them. If you’re looking for storage London has options to suit your budget and time scale, and you can reclaim the furniture or possessions you’ve stored when you have more space or it’s convenient to have them around the house again.

Pet Proofing

If you’ve got pets, now is the time to make sure your home can safely accommodate both them and the new addition to your family. Stair gates and cat nets could be necessary to make sure you’re keeping them separate unless you are there to safely supervise the interaction.

Wash Everything!

Your new baby’s skin is going to be very delicate (there’s a reason we say ‘soft as a baby’s bottom!’) so make sure you wash all his or her clothes, bedding and blankets in a kind, non-biological detergent. It’s also worth washing your own clothes and bed linen in the same one, so you won’t be irritating your new baby’s skin when you’re trying to comfort them!


When you bring your baby home, your hands are going to be full, quite literally. So take the time now to batch cook. Get lots of nourishing food cooked and stored in the fridge and freezer so you don’t have to reach too far for dinner in those difficult first few weeks.

These are just a few of the things you’ll need to do before you bring home your newborn. It can feel overwhelming, but if you just make sure you do one or two simple things whenever you have the time your to do list will shrink to nothing in no time!

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