Garden Design Trends for 2018

The new year often brings with it plans and intentions to make a few positive changes in our lives, our home and gardens included. It’s somewhere where we spend a lot of time and so deserves to be treated with respect. It doesn’t matter whether you have a tiny urban courtyard or rooftop garden, or acres of sprawling land, you can make your garden into a little haven of peace and tranquillity

This year, the trend for gardens seems to be moving towards health, well-being and relaxation, as well as making them more eco-friendly. We are wanting less plastic and more renewable and reusable products.

The practice of wabi-sabi – leaving your garden to do its own thing – is looking like something that is going to be big in 2018. Overgrown perennials, a bit of rust on the gates, moss covered stones and weathered pots are all features of this style – great news for lazy gardeners!

Bringing the outdoors indoors is also set to be a trend in 2018, which is perfect for those living in apartments or with limited outdoor space. Lots of succulents, big leafy plants, cacti and aloe vera plants are bang on in 2018 – you only have to look at Instagram to see how they can fit in with your home decor.

Supporting the local environment and wildlife is another thing to look out for this year when it comes to your garden. Known as ‘rewilding’, it’s all about working with nature, growing wildflowers and supporting pollinating insects.

One of my personal favourite trends this year is outdoor living. Us Brits tend to only use our garden in the summer, but there really is nothing better than wrapping up warm and enjoying a cuppa on the patio. It seems like this is catching on a bit, and outdoor kitchens are becoming more popular. Who said you can’t barbeque in the winter? Add a pizza oven or a sunken fire pit and some pretty lighting and you have the perfect outdoor and entertaining space.

I also love the idea of outdoor water fun – whether that is splashing about in a swimming pool built by the best pool builder around or relaxing in a hot tub. Who wouldn’t want a dip at the end of a long day?

For more information about some of the trends that are set to hit our gardens in 2018, visit Rattan Direct.

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