Flowers for Everyone

I remember really clearly the first time I had flowers delivered to me. It was a few days after Harrison had been born, and my lovely workmates at the primary school I was working in at the time send a beautiful bouquet. I opened the door, feeling absolutely exhausted, probably covered in baby puke and at that point where the baby blues where well and truly kicking in. Seeing someone standing there with flowers and a little card for me cheered me up no end!

Of course, I had been given bunches of flowers before then. Graham had bought me roses a few times and my mum bought me daffodils (my favourite flowers) when we moved into our first flat, but the fact that someone had sat and thought about me and had clearly taken the time to choose the perfect bouquet, tied with blue ribbon to celebrate the birth of our little boy meant an awful lot.

I really do think that flowers make the perfect gift for everyone. I’m friends with a small group of bloggers, and are spread out across the UK. Whenever one of us has some bad news, good news or we just want to let someone know we are thinking about them, we get together and order flowers. It’s become our little ‘thing’ now, and when I was sent some as a moving in gift, it immediately helped to make our new house feel like a home, as well as knowing my friends had thought of me.

For a long time, flowers had a bad press as a gift. It conjured up images of  hopeless husbands stopping off at the petrol station on the way home with a wilted bunch of flowers because they had forgotten to buy anything else for birthdays, Valentines and anniversaries. Now, it seems to be the opposite – having a beautiful bouquet of flowers delivered is a sign of someone putting some thought and love into a gift. Whilst we can’t all take advantage of the fact that Flowers for Everyone offer flower delivery in Brisbane (sob!), there are lots of UK based delivery companies with some almost-as-beautiful bouquets and boxes.

If anyone is ever stuck for buying me a gift – flowers will do very nicely!!

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