Florida 101 – Your Ultimate Guide to Traveling with Kids to Florida

There is nowhere better of a place to visit in the United States than Florida when you are visiting with kids. The place is immersed in options and tourists attractions for the kids that do make them not want to leave the spot ever so amazingly. A well planned and executed trip to Florida with your kids can most definitely be the vacation of their dreams if you know what your itinerary should look like.

In here, we are going to walk you through some of the amazing places for your Florida vacation that you can take your kids to for having the time of their lives – ranging from amusement parks to some of the off the beaten natural reserves around.

Walt Disney World

It goes without saying that a trip down to the Walt Disney World is most likely the most important destinations out of them all. Regarded as the world’s best theme park, visiting this in Orlando is most definitely every kid’s dream. The park is spread across an area of over 27,000 acres and is filled with some of the most nerve-wracking and exciting rides that the kids can set sail on. You can additionally make your kid’s day by helping them meet their favorite Disney characters and even get an autograph from the same. A week around in the park is definitely worth it.

Kennedy Space Centre

If you have your very own “Young Sheldon”, you definitely need to take your kid to the Kennedy Space Centre while in Florida. The combination of the subjects of outer space paired with the rocket building is definitely one of the factors that you just can’t skip out on. You can get a chance to hop into one of the space shuttle simulators to get a taste of what it would like to be inside a real one. Additionally, one can even get a glance into everything that goes into becoming an astronaut and the goods and the bads associated with the process.


Every kid, once around in their life, has played with Legos. But, the experience that you get visiting Legoland is definitely not something you can get from those small pieces. This lego inspired theme park provides the key with all the adrenaline rush that they require to get along. Some of the important fun themed sections around include the Ninjango, Star Wars, and Merlin. There are several statues which are actually made just out of Lego, thus helping create a rush of excitement in the mind of the kids even more so.

Everglades National Park

If you have a nature lover in your kid, they are definitely going to love the Everglades National Park and everything that the place has to offer. It is the largest subtropical wilderness around in the country and is home to hundreds of animal species across. The combination of the lush greenery coated with the adventurous trails definitely spikes a sense of excitement in the minds of the kids traveling there. Keep your eyes peeled for witnessing some of the most amazing and exotic creatures around as well.

Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory

Yet another one on the list of the amazing reasons why visiting Florida with kids is a must do is because of the amazing Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory. This is part of every Florida villas holidays for sure. Not just your kids, even you are going to be left awestruck to see over a hundred species of butterflies flying around in their natural habitat. The combination of the beautiful blooming flowers along with the wide range of exotic birds is what makes it one of the most loved places by the children visiting.

Florida Caverns State Park

Often an underrated spot of attraction, the Florida Caverns State Park is definitely one of the best options while you are visiting with your kids. If your kid is into geology and likes the natural occurrences around the Earth and the adventure it brings in, they are definitely going to love this place. For the best experience, take a guided tour through the place and see how much it impacts your child at the end of it.

Florida is more than just Disneyworld. If you are visiting with your kids, try and give them a taste of the varying options that are mentioned around here.

Photo by Sebastian Voortman from Pexels

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