Our First Visit to Santa

Christmas has well and truly arrived in our house. All the decorations went up yesterday (and my god, have we gone overboard this year. I’m dreading my next electric bill!) and we have been to see Santa, or Siôn Corn as he is known in Wales, not once, but twice!

Our First Visit to Santa

Last weekend we went to a Victorian Christmas market in Anglesey. We had really been looking forward to it, but it was a little bit of a disappointment. It was spread around a bit, with stalls all over the place. The roads were still all in use, which seemed a bit silly to us. The pavements are narrow as it is, but with stalls on them, they were almost impossible to walk on, especially with a pushchair. We spent most of the time dodging cars and not actually seeing a great deal.  However, we did buy this beautiful wooden bunting decoration which says ‘Nadolig Llawen’ – Welsh for Merry Christmas. It looks lovely in our big front window.


The kids also had their first meeting of the year with Santa. It was a lovely little grotto, with mince pies and a little glass of sherry for us grown ups. Benjamin wasn’t sure at all and hid behind Graham’s legs. Harrison and Alex were not shy in the slightest!


On Sunday, we went to a Christmas fair (yes, we love them!) at the National Slate Museum in Llanberis. We had been here the week before when we saw the beautiful mountains. We had a hot chocolate in the cafe and explored the old miner’s cottages whilst we waited for the big man in red to turn up. He didn’t disappoint, arriving on a miniature steam train.



It would have been a two-hour wait to have visited him in his grotto, so we headed to the lake, where we spent the time skimming stones, playing pooh sticks and finding interesting pieces of slate. We could see the big chunk missing in the mountainside where the slate was mined. It really fascinated the kids, so next year we will take them to the Llechwedd Slate Caverns, where they can go right underground.



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12 thoughts on “Our First Visit to Santa”

  1. What lovely pictures, it makes me laugh because when I was a child we had just one visit to see Father Christmas – but now with my girls I take them about 5 times!!! #countrykids

  2. I don’t blame you for not wanting to hang around for 2 hours queuing for Santa, that’s madness. Looks like just watching him arrive on his train was enough and the simple pleasures of pooh sticks and playing in nature fill the rest of your time. What a shame about the Anglesey Market, though I love your wooden bunting. I may have to get Farmer Nick making these for me. He saws individual branch rounds like this for the children to make badges out of, I just need to attach them in a row and add the lettering. At least you didn’t have a 2 hour wait for Santa there and it looks lovely and cosy in his Grotto.

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

  3. Yes, Anglesey market looks like one to avoid! I cannot believe the roads were not shut off. And Santa is definitely getting around a bit this year.
    The slate caverns sound very interesting!

  4. We took my boys to see Santa down a mine last week at the National Coal Mining Museum! They would have loved to see him at the National Slate Museum too – a place we have been before and loved. #countrykids

  5. What a shame that the Victorian Christmas market was such a disappointment. I love the look of the one at the National Slate Museum and Santa arriving on a steam train – that looks like it was much more fun. Love the photos by the lake too 🙂 #countrykids

  6. Sorry, my previous comment posted before I had finished :-S I love the fact that Santa arrived on a little train – I imagine that was excitement enough for the children, no need for a 2 hour wait – that is mad! #CountryKids

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