Family of Dementia Sufferers: What Help are You Entitled To?

Family of Dementia Sufferers: What Help are You Entitled To?

Dementia is the most common disease affecting more than one million people over 65 years. These figures are likely to double within the next thirty years. Diagnosis with dementia is a shock to the patient and the people around him.

A study by the Alzheimer’s society discovered that dementia medical treatment is costly. In 2020 alone, affected families spent more than £34.7 billion on treatment and care for their patients suffering from the condition. More than fifty percent of the total number of patients choose to receive home-based care. However, as the situation extends, most caregivers become overwhelmed and decide to take their loved ones to a care home. 

What Options are Available for Dementia Patients and Caregivers

When your loved one is diagnosed with dementia, it is essential to establish the right care plan since the signs of dementia in men vary. This plan will help you determine the kind of help you and your loved one should receive. Local authorities and services can help you develop a care plan and review it yearly. the care plan should contain:

• Strategies on how to keep engaging in activities they love most

• Information on how to access the best services 

• Details of any existing medical condition

• The name of the social care home or the person who will offer care and the types of care to offer

Dementia patients and caregivers are entitled to several options, which include:

Choosing to Receive Care at Home

People suffering from mild to moderate dementia levels can choose to stay at home and receive the type of support needed. Living in familiar surroundings helps them cope with the condition efficiently.

Move into a Care Home. 

Similar to other diseases, dementia condition worsens over time. At this stage, family members get overwhelmed and choose to take their loved ones to a good care home. Depending on the needs of the patient and the family, they can choose from tailored Senior Living solutions, including residential care homes or specialised facilities such as nursing homes or senior living communities that provide services designed for dementia patients. 

However, most people find this a difficult step to take. Therefore, it is vital to raise concerns with family and friends. Remember that you can still be involved in caring for your loved one even if they move to a care home, but with some of the practical pressures being alleviated. 

Be Part of an Online Dementia Forum. 

Online forums can help you share your moments as a dementia patient or a caregiver. It allows you to read what other people are going through as well.

Choosing the Best Care Option for People Living with Dementia

Several options are available for dementia patients, but it is important to understand the advantages and disadvantages. Care homes offer an easier care option for your loved one. Most people shy away from this option since they do not know the costs involved. 

Specialised dementia homes are dedicated to the best possible care of their patients. The best care homes will offer personalised services to every patient depending on their needs. 

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