Everything you must know before buying elephant figurines

An elephant is considered auspicious in Hindu mythology and is believed to bring the family luck, strength, and harmony. Placing elephant figurines in the house is believed to bring positivity to and increase its aesthetic appeal. The figurines are available in different materials like resin, crystal, ivory, or ceramic and colours and each colour has its significance. These are available in different shapes, styles, sizes, and price ranges. Hence, if you consider using them to bring good luck or simply as a part of your house decor, here are some things you must know.

Position of the trunk

Before purchasing elephant figurines, you must look at the posture of the elephant trunk. A raised or upward-pointed trunk is considered to bring kindness, prosperity, energy, and luck. An elephant with a raised trunk expresses feelings of delight and joy. Feng Shui experts opine that elephant statues sweep away negative energy from the house. While according to Vastu, keeping an upward-facing elephant statue brings good fortune to the family.  

Elephant statues with downward pointed trunks represent tranquillity and calm. It symbolises serenity and humility. When placed in the workplace, such a statue can increase motivation and boost productivity.

Elephants crossing their trunks show friendship and bonding. Such figurines are placed to safeguard familial relationships. Statues of one elephant with a tusk and another without it signify healthy relationships and are best placed in a couple’s bedroom.     

 Choice of colour and placement 

The red coloured elephants bring prosperity and fame, while a white elephant is associated with wealth, luxury, and richness. Black elephants are believed to bring success and prosperity, and green elephants are symbolic of power and good luck. The choice of colour must be made according to the energy you want to imbibe within your home.  

The placement of an elephant figurine should be done according to Vastu, which must complement the aesthetics of your decor. You can buy a pair of elephants with their trunk raised and place them at the home entrance. You can put a statue of a mother-child duo in the children’s or parent’s room to strengthen the bond between mother and child. The statues of brass elephants could be placed in bedrooms to resolve the conflicts between a couple. You could also put an elephant statue on the work desk to increase concentration and deal with complex situations. Moreover, to maintain a balance in your life, you could go for figurines with elephants holding a crystal ball or any other object. Such figurines demonstrate the importance of balancing different aspects of life. 

You must also remember that the figurines should not be placed facing or near the washroom. Also, do not position them across entrance doors or windows. 

Use of nettipattam

The use of nettipattam is also a popular choice by people to beautify elephant figurines. You can also use nettipattam, which is a handcrafted ornament to decorate the one you have purchased. The ornament is golden coloured and consists of different shapes representing navagrahas, trimurthis, Pancha-bhutas, ashta vasus, moola Ganapathi and saptarishis. It is usually placed on the elephant’s forehead or can be hung in the east-west direction of the home to bring happiness and prosperity to the family. 

Elephant showpieces symbolise power, strength, and integrity and are used to attract positive energy to the home. So, based on the above-discussed factors, select the perfect one for your home or workplace and bring good luck and prosperity. 

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