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I say it every month but we really do love our Degustabox. It’s an exciting day when the DPD man brings it – the kids are all sat around me whilst it’s opened and exclaim over all the bits and pieces in the box! There have been very items we don’t like, and we donate the odd item to the food bank, but generally, it gives us the chance to try out some lovely new things.

What was in June’s Degustabox?

Haribo Summer Frenzy – RRP £1.00 x 2


Haribo is one of the very few sweets that I do actually like – and I loved the berry flavoured pack. There weren’t any odd sweets left over at the bottom of the pack that no one likes (I’m looking at you, nasty cola-bottles!)

Swartz Authentic American Flavour – RRP £0.85 x 2


We love pulled pork so it will be good to do pulled chicken one night for an easy, tasty tea. The BBQ flavouring is absolutely perfect for this time of year.

Capsicana Brazilian Chilli & Coconut Quick Cook Sauce – RRP £1.99


We haven’t used this yet, but it sounds absolutely lush. I think we will be having this on chicken with rice one night this week.

Westons Cider – RRP £1.99 x 2


I’m not a massive fan of cider usually, and nor is Graham, but we both really enjoyed these. They were perfect ice cold on one of the warm evenings we had.

Original O’s Savoury Cumin and Sesame Nibbles – RRP £2.99


I wasn’t convinced on these – they’re not the sort of things I would buy but if they are out in a bowl I would find myself keep going back for another one. They’re that weird kind of addictive!

Berrywhite Organic Drinks – RRP £1.39

I usually like fruity drinks like this but I wasn’t a massive fan. I found it incredibly sweet with an almost dry aftertaste. They do count as one of your 5 a day though and have no added sugar or preservatives.

Spoon Apple and Peanut Granola – RRP £3.70

This was delicious – really delicious. I was a bit worried the apple might make it a bit sweet but it was spot on. I’ve been having it for breakfast every morning!

Walkers Pure Butter Shortbread Scottie Dogs – RRP £1.95

These lasted approximately 25 seconds after they came out the box. We LOVE Walkers Shortbread, and these are adorable!

Eisberg Sauvignon Blanc Alcohol Free Wine – RRP £1.49

We’ve had one of these sent in a Degustabox, and whilst I don’t drink alcohol-free wine (because, y’know WINE!), it’s not too bad as a drink.

Light Bites Superfood Fruit Bar – RRP £1.25

I quite like seed bars, but some of them are ridiculously high in calories. These ones are only 99 calories and are really nice.

Light Bites – Mango with Vanilla Yogurt Fruit Chips

Mango is the only dried fruit that I don’t like, but Harrison took these to school in his lunchbox and the bag came back empty, so I’m guessing he enjoyed them!

The Degustabox costs £12.99 a month, which I think is excellent value. However, if you want to try one for the bargain price of £5.99, enter the code BLDEG15 at the checkout.

*We were sent this box free of charge for the purpose of this review. All words and opinions are our own.

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