Degustabox October 2016 Review

October’s Degustabox came just a short time after we moved into our new home in Wales and before we managed to get to the supermarket to do a ‘proper’ shop, so was even more welcome than usual. We always look forward to the monthly food and drink subscription box because it’s filled with lots of treats and nice things, and October’s was no exception.

Degustabox Review |

So what was in this month’s box?

Pitch Choco Bars – RRP £1.40

Degustabox Review |

These sounded and looked really yummy – brioche rolls with a mini bar of chocolate in the centre. They were ok – the texture felt a bit odd to me – but the kids loved them as a treat with their breakfast.

Beloved Date Fruit Hearts – RRP £0.75 for two

Degustabox Review |

 I love dates, but they aren’t the easiest thing to eat on the go. These cute little heart shaped date treats were great for popping in my bag for a quick snack, and the different flavours made them even nicer – I especially liked the rich cocoa ones! The kids had the orange ones and thought it was fudge. I wasn’t going to tell them otherwise!

Yushoi Snapea rice sticks – RRP £1.99

Degustabox Review |

We have had these before in a blogger goody bag and loved them. We sat and shared these watching a film, and even the kids love them. Because they are made from peas and rice they are a lot healthier than normal crisps, and were really moreish!

JimJams Chocolate Spread – RRP £2.59

Degustabox Review |

This is another thing we have had previously so I was glad to see it in the Degustabox. The kids love a chocolate spread sandwich occasionally, and the fact that this brand has 83% less sugar in than other brands makes me feel a bit better about giving it to them!

Robinsons Squash’d Orange – RRP £2.49

Degustabox Review |

We keep one of these in the picnic bag so if we are out and about and the kids want some squash, we can buy a bottle of water and put in a little squeeze. They are quite expensive, but you only need a little bit and they are brilliant for taking out.

Hershey’s Cookie & Creme – RRP £1.00

Degustabox Review |

I don’t like Hershey’s chocolate but Graham does – it didn’t last very long at all!

Heinz Dried Pasta Shapes – RRP £1.19

Degustabox Review |

We eat a lot of pasta and it would work out expensive if we used this often, but the kids loved the Minion shapes! We used it alongside the pasta sauce for our favourite meatball pasta bake.

Heinz Pasta Sauce – RRP £1.55

Degustabox Review |

This was a lovely, smooth and creamy tomato sauce, which we poured over homemade meatballs and the dried pasta before popping it in the oven.

I Am Souper – RRP £1.49


Because of the name, I was expecting a smooth soup, which would have been fine, but they were totally different. They were really chunky and filling and were absolutely delicious. I especially liked the pulled pork and jalapeno one – it was a sort of chilli consistency, and would have been lovely with something like a baked potato. Perfect for a lunch on a cold day!

Maggi Fusion Noodles – RRP £1.39 x 2

Degustabox Review |

We haven’t had these yet, but we regularly have Maggi products in our cupboards so we know that these will be a hit when need a really quick lunch or side to a meal.

Levi Roots Smokey BBQ Coat ‘n’ Cook – RRP £1.00

Degustabox Review |

Graham used this to coat some chicken breasts which were lovely and smokey with a really good kick of spice.

Whilst not all the products in the October Degustabox were new to us, we really enjoyed them, and I think for £12.99 it’s excellent value! If you want to try them for yourself, use the code BLDEG15 when ordering, and you’ll get your first box for just £5.99.

*We were sent this product for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own. 

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