Covering Unexpected Costs with North Cash

A few months ago, our tumble dryer suddenly stopped working. This may not sound like a disaster to most people, but as a family of five, with three children under five, we do an awful lot of washing. The washing is never the problem – drying it is. When the weather isn’t too bad, we can stick it outside on the line. When the weather is bad, we are stuck. I avoid having wet washing hanging about because it gets pulled off the radiators and makes the house feel really claustrophobic.

Luckily, it was still under guarantee, and as long as it was a fault with the machine and not something we had done, Hotpoint would come out and fix it. Great – but their next free slot for repairs was over a week later. Typically, that week was one where it did not stop raining! Somehow we managed, and it was finally fixed at no cost to us. The mountain of washing took a few days to clear, but it was sorted.

It did make me think though – what on earth would we do if it wasn’t still covered by the guarantee? We couldn’t manage long without a dryer, but there is no way on this planet we could find the £100+ needed for a dryer at the drop of a hat. It might not be the dryer – what would we do if the washing machine or fridge packed up? Or the car broke down? Luckily, because we rent, costs for things such as the boiler breaking down would be covered by the landlord, but if it wasn’t we would be stuck. We haven’t got any savings, and can’t afford to start saving anything yet, so would have to try and find the money from somewhere.

An option would be to look at taking out a credit card. Some people have a credit card put aside for emergencies like this, which is quite sensible. However, for us, it would be too much of a temptation (hence us not having one!). We would only need something that is short term, just enough to cover the unexpected cost, which would more than likely be between £100 and £300.  We would borrow it from our family, but for some people, the best option would be to look at a Northcash loan.

We are obviously hoping that we won’t need to borrow money anytime soon, but it’s always reassuring to know that there are options out there!

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