The City Is In Such A State: A Family Tour Of New York

The United States never cease to fascinate: They are the dream destination of countless holidaymakers. It’s no surprise: The USA is a vast country that marries a variety of cultures, landscapes, attitudes, and wealth. There is more to the USA than the big cities that everybody knows from their favourite films or TV shows, of course, but there is so much that is misunderstood and unknown about those cities too. Take New York for instance: Most people think of Liza Minnelli, Woody Allen and 9/11. There is more to New York than what the screen shows. For a start, New York is both a state and a town, and that means that most visitors ignore this beautifully diverse state at the benefit of walking down a handful of famous avenues in town. It’s time to get things right about New York and to see past the Twin Towers scars and Lady Liberty. There is more to New York than the New York you have heard of.

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The Diverse State Of New York

It is hard for holidaymakers that are not from the USA to imagine that New York State is a place full of wild and stunning natural landscapes. Indeed, the Catskill Mountains are only a short drive away from New York City: if you have not heard about them, you have probably seen those amazing canvas of mountains, rivers and lakes in some of your favourite films. Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey practised their Dirty Dancing duo in its river. The Woodstock festival was held not far from the Catskills in 1969. Even Heavy with Liv Tyler is filmed in the Catskills. So there are plenty of New York adventures for families if you decide to escape the city and discover its magnificent surroundings.

The Excitement Of New York City

Naturally, one can’t ignore the city within the state. With its parks, museums, monuments, restaurants and toy stores across the five boroughs, there’s no doubt that you will find enough to keep your family entertained in New York City. Start with the Museum of Natural History on the Upper West Side where you can see a 122-foot-long cast of the Titanosaur. Then take a tour through the playgrounds of Central Park – you can even hire a bike – and visit the zoo where you can feed small animals. Finally, visit the top of the Rock Observation Deck to see the entire City in its skyscraping grandeur.

Travelling To New York

UK travellers to New York will need to apply for an ESTA, the Electronic System for Travel Authorisation, especially if you intend to visit the USA for less than 90 days. As part of the VWP, Visa Waiver Programme, British citizens only need a valid passport and an ESTA if their visit lasts less than 90 days. You will need to apply for the $14 ESTA at least 3 days before your departure. Approval takes only a few seconds, and the ESTA is valid for two years. So, as you can see, New York is only a flight away! Do make sure to book your flights and your accommodation several months in advance to avoid price fluctuations.


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