Christmas 2017 in Photos

Well, we had an eventful Christmas! We headed down to Birmingham early Christmas Eve morning to spend the holiday with my parents and my nan. It’s the first time we have done it this way and whilst we had lots of fun and it was lovely and noisy and busy, it was quite stressful, especially coming home. Our first problem was fitting everything into the car – all of our clothes, the toys we had bought, plus gifts off all of our family and lots of food! Then, what should have been a simple 2.5-hour journey took us more than 8 hours! First of all, we had to turn around after driving more than 35 miles because we had forgotten the kids’ coats. Then, almost exactly halfway back to Wales, our bloody car broke down so we had to wait for a recovery truck to pick us and the car up and take us home.

If we can ignore the fact that two of the kids had epic meltdowns and refused to eat Christmas dinner over a bloody plastic frog from a cracker, and Benjamin having a poo explosion of epic proportions, Christmas itself was great. There were toys everywhere, people everywhere and dogs everywhere (7 adults, 4 children and 3 dogs at one point). There was food – my god, there was food. There was alcohol. I got to see my little nephew on his first Christmas Day and we were surrounded by the people we love – how could it not be good?

So, here is our Christmas 2017 in photos!

How was your Christmas?

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