My Blog is One!!!

Today, Parenthood Highs and Lows is a year old.

I started this blog on 12th November 2013 after receiving this rather charming message on Facebook from a ‘friend’:



Yes, a so called ‘friend’ went to the effort of creating a fake Facebook account in order to send me this message anonymously, after I posted photos of some crafts I had done with the kids. I’ve always been extremely proud of all the things the kids have made, and posted pictures on Facebook to show them to family members who wouldn’t see them otherwise. Lots of my friends have commented saying how it has given them ideas of things to do with their kids, but clearly not this one!! To this day, I don’t know for sure who sent me this. I have my suspicions and whoever sent this is still lurking as a ‘friend’ on Facebook, so now sees links to my blogs and how well it has done – no better karma!


The blog started off as ‘Activities 4 Kidz’ and was purely that – activities for kids. When we did something, I just wrote up what we did and included some photos, and pretty soon, I had a decent following on the blog and social media. In May, I realised I had so much more I wanted to write about, and so made the change to ‘Parenthood Highs and Lows’. Now it is my own little part of the world wide web, where I can rant, ramble and review! I use it as way of keeping my brain active, as a diary and just somewhere I can put down my thoughts. The fact that anyone else wants to read it still surprises me every day!  When people have contacted me to say they’ve read something on my blog and enjoyed it, it makes my day.

It has given me and my family some incredible opportunities. We’ve had days out because of it, we have the chance to test out lovely products and I have made some fantastic friends through it. I was lucky enough to be chosen as a Beebies Baby Store ambassador earlier this year, something which I love doing.

Next year I hope to make my blog even bigger and even better. I’ve built up relationships with some fantastic brands and will be working with them on some exciting projects. I’ve got ideas buzzing all around my head for mini-series and features, as well as writing about the day to day life of being a stay at home mum to three little boys.

To everyone who comes and reads my blog, who leaves me comments, who follows me on social media, and who generally supports me in one way or another – thankyou so so much!!






2 thoughts on “My Blog is One!!!”

  1. Happy Birthday to your blog….
    What an awful person to say that….So rude! But I suppose you should be thanking them for starting you off blogging….hehehe Karma is fantastic 😀

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