Awesome Ideas For A Day Out With The Kids

With the summer now very much arrived, I thought it would be a good time to book some days out. It’s the last chance we will get to enjoy the cheaper off-season fares before my eldest goes to school, so I am definitely planning for before the term finishes! Anyway, here are some ideas to give you a little inspiration:

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You really can’t go wrong with a day out at the zoo – there’s so much to see and do for the kids. Although it can get expensive for one-off trips, many find that getting a season ticket is a good move. It gives you access all year round, and it pays for itself after a couple of visits. Watch out for the younger children, however. While the older kids will love running around for hours on end, it might be a little unfair to keep the littlest in their buggies all day. A few playground options will give them a chance for a crawl or a toddle.

Theme Parks

A theme park trip is a great way to spend a day, as long as you choose one that can facilitate all of your children’s’ ages. Again, they are an expensive occasion so it might be worth saving up for a few months beforehand, so that you ease the immediate burden. This is a trip out we will be making before the schools finish because the pain of queuing up is just too great in peak season. There are usually plenty of rides for all ages at the major theme parks, and as long as there’s a couple – or more – adults around, it should go smoothly.

The Big Smoke

A day out in London can be tricky when you are loaded down with buggies,  bottles, and nappies, but it can be done with some canny planning. Museums are a great place to start – any kid will just love the dinosaurs in the Natural History Museum, for example. And there’s also the chance of taking them to see a big show, too. One thing I would say about London is that everything is incredibly busy. It’s not a place where you want your little ones walking off, so if it worries you too much,  would leave it until they are a little older. Or go before they are out of their pushchairs!


One of the great things about British summer is the enormous amount of festivals that go on. It seems there is one in almost every town, so it’s a great excuse to travel out for the day – and most of them are free! I’m looking forward to taking the kids to a musical festival when they are older, but for now I think I’ll warm them up with a children’s version. Visit Britain have an excellent list of kiddies festivals on their website, so check it out and see if anything’s going on near you.

Enjoy the weather and get out there for a day out!








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