Answers To The 5 Most Common Questions About Dogs

Each dog truly has a personality that is unique. Despite this, many share common traits like wet noses, sensitivity to noises and growling in their sleep. This has left dog owners with a series of questions relating to dog health and behaviours. Of course, we all know how important it is to make sure you walk them regularly, take them to the vets and choose the right food and use Ultimate Pet Nutrition coupons to save some money. However, if you are thinking about getting a dog, consider these answers to five of the most frequent questions about dogs to satisfy your curiosity.

Why are dogs noses always wet?

If your dog’s nose always seems to be wet, relax. He or she does not have a cold, or allergies, as the same symptoms would indicate in a human. One of the simplest explanations is that dogs do not have sweat glands. Instead, sweat is released from the pads of their paws and their noses. This helps them to regulate their body temperature and the layer of mucus is also helpful in allowing them to absorb more scent chemicals. The amount of mucus a dog secrets, however, will vary on a case by case basis. If you notice that the mucus is thicker than usual or spot a change in colour, schedule an appointment with the vet.

How can a dog hear dog whistles that humans cannot?

Everyone has heard of dog whistles, yet no human can hear them being blown. Dogs, on the other hand, react strongly to what you may perceive as silence. This is because your dog’s hearing is significantly better than yours. The average human can only detect sounds up to around 23 kilohertz, while dog whistles typically produce sounds of approximately 50 kilohertz. The shape of dog’s ears plays a significant role in their improved ability to detect high-pitched sounds. Therefore, your dog may react to passing cars or visitors long before you are aware of their presence. As a dog ages, like with humans, their ability to hear can become impaired. If your dog is older and does not respond as he or she once did to sound, be sure to mention this to your veterinarian.

Does my dog see everything in black and white?

A common disbelief when it comes to canines is that they are incapable of detecting colour. Several studies have shown that dogs can see colour, however their range is limited. This is because human eyes have three cones to detect varying hues while dogs only have two. For instance, they detect orange, yellow and green shades as yellow. Essentially, dogs view colours in a manner that is comparable to a human who is affected by red-green colour blindness. Eye drops can come in handy for dogs with dry eyes too, keeping their vision in the best possible condition.

Why do dogs get fleas?

Fleas are dreaded pests for pet owners, but they are even more bothersome for your dog. They can cause intense itching, hair loss and even infection. While it may seem as if fleas are drawn specifically to dogs, they are parasites who seek warm blooded hosts — humans included. Dogs, however, are particularly vulnerable because they often spend a lot of time outdoors and around other animals. To protect your dog from fleas and other unwanted parasites, such as ticks, ensure that your dog is given a regular flea treatment. Chewable tablets, like Comfortis flea pills, are an effortless way to ward off these blood suckers.

Is my dog really dreaming when he moves in his sleep?

Surely every pet owner has watched their beloved dog sleeping peacefully. If your dog “runs” or winces in his or her sleep, you have probably wondered if they are dreaming. According to studies, experts have determined that dogs do dream while they sleep. Oddly enough, these studies indicate that a canine’s dreams are likely like that of human dreams. They may dream about activities they have done during the day or about chasing small animals. Experts advise against waking a dog who is dreaming, as it disrupts the rejuvenating REM cycle of sleep.

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