8 Hacks to Increase Energy and Stay Motivated

Energy levels ebb and flow. There are days when you get pumped and on fire for life, and there are other days when you barely have the motivation to leave your bed. The high-energy days are great. The burnout days can be overwhelming, and you may beat yourself up for not being able to tick off all items from your to-do list. You do not have to suffer through low motivation days., Not when you have a few tricks up your sleeve to stay motivated and increase your energy levels. Here are some hacks you can run to increase your energy and motivation:

Get enough rest and sleep

Fatigue is related to sleep quality. Your energy levels suffer on days when you are running on low sleep. Sleep helps the body rejuvenate and repair. And not getting enough sleep reduces your motivation and energy, making it harder to go through your day. Ensure that you get the recommended hours of sleep every night. Create a sleep-inducing sleep environment in your bedroom and practise healthy sleep hygiene. If you are still having sleep troubles, talk to a sleep doctor. They can recommend medication and supplements to improve sleep quality and energy levels. Prioritize quality sleep to increase your energy and motivation.

Move your body

Exercise increases your energy levels. Regular exercise contributes to the release of feel-good hormones that keep you motivated. Moving your body also improves your sleep quality, further reducing fatigue. Build up a steady exercise routine to boost your energy and motivation levels. Start slow and increase the frequency and intensity of the exercise as your body adjusts. You do not need to clock hours at the gym to move the needle. You can incorporate exercise into your daily routine. Walking your dog, taking the stairs or leaving your car home on some days are all effective ways to ensure movement.

Eat a nutritious diet

What you eat affects how your body feels. If all you consume is junk, you will feel sluggish and unmotivated. A healthy, nutritious diet provides your body with the essential vitamins and minerals it needs for body processes to function optimally. Opt for healthy foods that increase your energy levels. You can complement with vitamin supplements if you do not get all the essential nutrients from food. That way, your body gets all the vitamins and minerals to boost energy levels and motivation.

Get some supplements

Sometimes you need an extra boost to get through your day. Supplements and medications come in handy in increasing energy levels and motivation. Have some energy gummies that you can pop when you feel like your energy levels need a pick-me-up. They also come in handy when you are travelling to boost your energy.

You can also look at supplements that work with the good bacteria in your body. Look at the Gundry MD reviews to see how they can help you.


Humans are social beings. The need to connect with others is hardwired in our human psyche. Socializing with others increases your energy levels and motivation. Your low mood, fatigue and anxiety may be due to social isolation. The next time you feel like your energy levels need a boost, schedule a date with your friends or join an activity requiring you to interact with others.

Turn up the music

Music can instantly put you in a jolly mood. It is the medicine for the soul. Listening to good music gets you out of your bad mood, increasing your energy levels. It also helps remove distracting thoughts that could be pulling you down and causing low motivation.

Go out in nature

Spending too much time indoors hinders your body’s ability to produce serotonin. That affects your mood and ability to focus. A stroll in nature will get your blood flowing and refresh your mind. Integrating regular walks into your day will improve your health and boost your mood.

Get an accountability buddy

If your motivation levels are low and you find it hard to complete tasks, consider hitting up a buddy to help you stay accountable. It will be easier to garner the motivation to do things if you have someone to keep you on your toes. Enlist friends with similar goals to work with you and encourage you. It is easier to push yourself through the low-energy days when someone is cheering and supporting you.


If all your interventions to boost your motivation and energy levels come short, it may be because you are coming down with something. Your body may be putting its resources towards fighting off diseases, leaving you drained. Book an appointment with your doctor for a check-up to ensure everything is working optimally or get medication to boost your energy and motivation.

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