7 Ways You Can Spread Fragrance All Day Long

Let’s be honest: Everyone wants to smell good. The matter of fact is – it uplifts your confidence, and the people wish to be more around you to have the touch of your fragrance.

The idea of bringing a good fragrance to yourself may range from using perfume to lotions to naturally being yourself. No matter which category you are from, if you want to have a fragrance that lasts all day long, you have come up at the right place. Here we have come up with the tips from dermatologists that will make your fragrance last all day. So folks, are you ready to know? 

If yes, without any further ado, jump ahead to this article and let the love of fragrance spread to you and the people around you.  

Healthy diet – Someone has rightly said that “you are what you eat.” And this is the prime thing that determines how you smell. If you want to spread the fragrance, keep the tab on what you are consuming. A diet loaded with onions, garlic and spices might satisfy your taste buds, but it affects your breath as well as skin. You don’t want that, right? 

Certain food items tend to cause an odor that includes broccoli, cabbage, asparagus, etc. As these food items digest and circulate throughout the entire body, they can have a negative impact on the smell of your sweat. Hence, health professionals suggest eating fresh fruits, vegetables, and proteins to have a pleasant aroma.  

Scented lotions – Do you have any particular scent that you love the most? If yes, then go for the body lotion or cream of the same scent. Apply it to the skin right after the shower and let the scent last for a longer time. Do not forget to apply it after patting off the excess water. This is because any scented product lasts longer if you apply it to a moist base.       

Shower is a must – Cleanliness has a significant role to play in determining your body scent. But there is no denying the fact that genetics and your diet also influence your body’s fragrance. Talking about genetics, you don’t have any control over it. However, you can ensure your cleanliness.  

While showering, pay attention to the body parts with the most sweat glands like armpits and groin. You can also consider homemade soap for sale to achieve the desired results. Believe it or not, this can actually fetch you a pleasant aroma. So, remember to take a shower at least once a day.  

Drink plenty of water – You may have heard multiple times that water is good for health. But do you know that it also helps in making you smell better? Yes, drinking it eliminates or, we would say, dilutes some unpleasant scents from foods that you love to eat, like onion and garlic. 

Not to mention that it keeps your hydration levels at par and assures you a fresh smelling breath. If you want to have another option besides water, you can opt for the infused or detox water.

It’s not always about the skin – Healthy diet: check, water: check, scented lotion: check, what about your surroundings? It is not always about the skin. Your surroundings are equally important. Let’s put it this way: Your environment, bed and clothes, everything has an impact on how you smell. Therefore, spray perfume in your abode, bed, and clothes to spread fragrance all day long. 

Pro tip: Change your bedsheets at regular intervals, spruce up the home with aroma candles and add aromatizers in the bathroom. You can also spray natural scents like rosewater on the bedsheets. It will aid your sleep with its soothing aroma. Moreover, you will wake up fresh, energetic, and smelling like flowers the next morning. 

Apply perfume in the right way – No wonder that every one of us imagines our perfume to last for a little longer than usual. You will be surprised to know that there are few techniques to apply it in the right way so that it can last longer. Want to know what these techniques are? Here you go – 

  • Add base – Before applying perfume to the body, apply a sticky base. You can use vaseline for that. It is a perfect trick to make your perfume last for a long time.  
  • Do not rub – Are you habitual of rubbing your wrists together after using the perfume? If yes, then stop here right now, as it can break the top notes of the scent. The top note is the fragrance that you catch in the initial five minutes of applying the perfume. Rather than rubbing the wrists together, press them against each other. It is an excellent way to transfer the scent. 
  • Pulse points – Spraying the perfume on the pulse points activates the chemicals and fragrances present in it. Therefore, the best points to spray the perfume on your body are – behind the ears and knees, inside the elbow, and on your wrists. 

Wisely choose the fabric you wear – Let us say this straight – yes, fabrics impact your body odor. To add more, polyester is the worst fabric to wear, especially in summers, as it does not absorb sweat. Thus, it leads to bad body odor. Clearly, say a big NO to the polyester fabrics if you want to smell like roses or vanilla.

Fabrics in their raw form are always best to wear. And it is needless to say that cotton and linen are few choices when you want to put on something comfortable and natural.  

To sum it all up

You don’t need to get expensive designer perfumes or load yourself in cologne to spread the fragrance. Practicing the habits as mentioned above will fetch you excellent results. It requires little effort, but at the end of the day, it will be worth it. So, take it to somewhere awesome and let the people around you wonder how you smell so good and fresh.

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