7 Tips To Help Your Cat Get Along With The Baby

Growing up with a pet at home is an enriching experience. Animals by nature are nurturing towards babies. With your help, your pet will become an indispensable part of your baby’s childhood. While dogs show more affection towards babies, your cat might need a bit of intervention to adjust with the new addition to your family. If you have a cat then here are a few steps you need to take to help your cat and baby coexist in peace.

Let Your Cat Investigate

Cats are skittish and curious by nature. Your cat is likely to be highly curious about your baby. Buy prescription cat medicine to ensure that your cat is healthy. After you buy prescription cat medicine, you can allow your cat to sniff around your child without having to worry about infections. Chances are that the moment your child starts to cry your cat will simply get annoyed and walk off. So, allow your kitty to investigate your baby by themselves.

Trim Your Cat’s Nails

When you buy prescription cat medicine, you ensure that your cat is infection free. But you can also be worried about your cat scratching your child. Get your cat used to their nails being trimmed. Many cat parents opt for a declawing procedure. It is best to avoid declawing since it can lead to behavior issues instead of making your cat child-friendly.

Vaccinate Your Cat

Just like dogs, cats need to be vaccinated as well. You cannot simply buy prescription cat medicine and ensure the safety of your child. With proper vaccination, you do not have to worry about your cat infecting your child with anything.

Keep Feeding Schedule Intact

Cats are a stickler when it comes to their routine. You do not want your cat to add to the racket that your crying baby causes. Feed your cat as per their regular feeding routine. If the routine of your cat gets disrupted, they may start acting out.

Try Not to Overcompensate

You may feel bad for your cat after bringing home a baby. Overcompensating for the reduction of attention is not a good idea. Cats like being left alone when there are big changes around them. Give them the regular amount of attention but do not try to smother them.

Get Your Cat a Tall Cat Tree

Your cat will be disturbed by the noises caused by your baby. With your baby starting to explore the house, your cat will want their own space. Get a nice tall cat tree for your cat to hide away in. Your cat needs to feel safe in their personal space.

Keep the Litter Box Out of Reach

With your baby starting to explore the house you cannot afford to let them get into the kitty litter. Changing the place of the litter box can confuse your kitty for a while. But slowly your cat will get used to the new location of the litter box. Place the litter box away from the reach of your child.

A few small adjustments around the house can help your house become cat and baby friendly. You can be a good parent to your cat and baby at the same time by understanding both of their needs.


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