7 Homemade Recipes The Kids Will Love

Cooking for the kids can be challenging and sometimes stressful, but it can also be a fun way for the family to bond as you work together to prepare meals as a team. Preparing meals ahead of time is one way to save time and remove some of the hassle, but getting some extra hands in the kitchen is really the best way to make your job easier as the head chef of the household. Teaching kids the culinary arts at a young age is a good way to teach independence skills and introduce the importance of home economics. Not all recipes are kid-friendly, but there are plenty of meals that are safe for your kids to prepare and perfect for their taste buds to savour.

1. Mac and Cheese

Making mac and cheese yourself without the help of a pre-packaged box of pasta and powdered cheese sauce might take a tad bit more effort, but most people can agree that the resulting dish is much tastier and more nutritious. Instead of just boiling the noodles and dumping in cheese powder, you’ll be making an authentic homemade mac and cheese recipe that’s capped off by the sprinkling of seasonings, flour, and extra cheese to be baked inside the oven in a casserole dish – crispy, cheesy, homemade goodness!

2. Pizza

Speaking of cheese, what kid doesn’t like pizza? If there’s a child in the world who doesn’t like pizza, they’ve never gone public with their disdain for this Italian masterpiece of a food, because if they had they would be famous for being the only kid who doesn’t love pizza. Making pizza yourself might seem like it’s beyond your capabilities but making dough and following an online sauce recipe isn’t all that hard, and you can get the kids to help with the kneading, mixing, and topping. Making pizza together is also one great way to spend quality time with the kids.

3. Quesadillas

Quesadillas are one of the easier options on this list, as it really just amounts to throwing cheese into a tortilla and cooking it. However, you can up the difficulty and give your kids something to do by making homemade tortillas. Plus, you can get fancy with the ingredients, letting the kids build their own quesadillas from a tray of pre-sliced toppings like tomatoes, onions, avocados, various cheeses, meats, etc.

4. Crepes

Crepes are the delicious cousins of pancakes that many children don’t get enough of in their lives. As a kid, when you wake up to crepes instead of pancakes, it’s as if your parent suddenly decided to be extra nice that morning. The reality is, since they’re usually prepared with extra sweet toppings like powdered sugar, fruit purees, and chocolate syrup, most parents don’t want to make such a sugary breakfast an everyday thing. Also, they’re a bit harder to perfect than the simple pancake, but the reward is a fluffy, delicious delicacy. Instead of surprising your kids with crepes, why not have them help with a homemade crepe recipe next time?

5. Meat Loaf

Meat loaf is packed with easily digestible, full protein, and it’s absolutely delicious when done right. Preparing this dish with the kids is a good way to teach them about food handling safety and sanitation while mixing the raw eggs and meat. The goodness of meat loaf has a lot to do with the sauce and the way everything combines on over a plate of rice. The trick is balancing the right amount of seasonings in both your loaf and the sauce, so if you’ve never made it before, it might take a couple of tries before you settle on the official family recipe.

6. Cinnamon Rolls

Most of us just whip the cinnamon rolls right out of the can and onto a baking sheet the easy way. But making the dough, cinnamon swirl mix, and frosting yourself can result in much, much, tastier results. You can get the kids to help with shaping the rolls and laying them out on the pan.

7. Cookies

Last but certainly not least, and perhaps the one your kids will want to make the most – homemade cookie dough. Once you know how to make this, you’ll be wanting to do it at least a couple times of month, because you can make it without eggs for snacking or eating with ice cream.

A Lineup That Is Sure to Please

With the above suggestions, you should have an irresistible homemade meal to offer up to your kids at least once per day, every day of the week. Of course, there are many other recipes you can research, and entire books have been written on this subject. Still, in the opinion of the author, and most kids will confirm, the recipes above are the main staples that every child should enjoy on a semi-regular basis.

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