6 Tips for Getting Your Home Ready for Autumn and Winter

It’s sad to see summer flying by, but before we know it, school will begin, and autumn will arrive. Setting some time aside to get your home ready for the autumn and winter seasons now means you’ll be able to take full advantage of cooler weather, scarves, and pumpkin spices when the time comes!

Here are six tips for prepping your home for the changing seasons:

  1. Brighten Up the Space

It’s easy to dread the coming months because they’re darker and colder, but they don’t have to be. Adding lamps and candles in strategic parts of the room using night lamps to light up dark hallways or corners of the room, or replacing dim bulbs with bright LED lamps can make a difference. There’s nothing like a flickering candle or a cosy fire in a fireplace to chase away the winter blues.

  1. Cosy Up With Colours and Textiles

Replacing bright-coloured summer decor with hues rich in pigments can make an entire home immediately more cosy and welcoming. Clean and prepare your carpets then cover with thicker, heavier rugs and textiles with more texture which also adds instant appeal, making your space inviting.

  1. Find Nourishing Recipes

Great food fuels your soul, not just your body. Taking the time now to choose recipes that your whole family will love will save you time later.

  1. Plan Downtime

Autumn and winter are full of holidays, so it’s vital to plan downtime now. Setting time aside on the calendar to rest and relax with a good book or a long soak in the tub can help you from getting run down and exhausted this autumn.

  1. Prepare Your Garden

One the inside of your home is ready for autumn, don’t forget about the outside. Brutal winter conditions can take a toll on your lawn, outdoor furniture, and plants. Take the time to winterise your garden now by protecting your plants, prepping your lawn, and giving hedges a final trim before the frost hits.

  1. Give Your Home a Full Maintenance Inspection

Your home – inside and out – should also be prepared for the harsh conditions of autumn and winter. Clearing leaves and debris from gutters, flat roofs, and drainage channels, as well as looking for blocked downpipes will save you tremendous trouble later. Also, make sure you check gutter junctions are watertight and have them re-fixed if they are discharging water onto the house wall.

Autumn and winter can be a magical time, especially if you take the time to prepare. Getting yourself, your home, and your garden ready for the cooler temps can help you enjoy the season to its fullest potential.


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