6 Things I Do That Annoy My Other Half


6 Things I do that annoy my other half

I was tagged by Laura at Laura’s Lovely Blog to come up with a list of six things that annoy my other half, Graham. I *think* I was supposed to list things that I think I do that annoy him, rather than ask him outright, but I cheated. I thought he may struggle with this one. Turns out he could list a lot more than 6…

1. Hold my breath

I apparently have a really bad habit of holding my breath for ages whilst I am concentrating. I don’t even realise I am doing this until he says ‘For gods’s sake Rachel, BREATHE!’

2. Take forever to make a drink

Whenever I volunteer/he asks me to make a coffee, I can take forever in doing it. It can be hours later before I realise I didn’t actually make it!

3. Always have my phone in my hand

And if I don’t have my phone in my hand, I’m on my laptop.

4.  Criticise his driving

I hate that he brakes so late, so have my foot on an imaginary brake pedal, and am always checking my mirror when he is driving. He hates it!

5. Complain about his TV choices

I HATE Formula One, Lizard Lick Towing and Storage Hunters (seriously, F1 is just high speed go karts driving around in circles!), so when they’re on I moan, whine and make so much noise it is almost impossible for him to hear!

6.  Fall asleep

I can fall asleep anywhere and everywhere. Whenever I attempt to relax, I fall asleep. Last weekend, Alex had a nap on me. I couldn’t do anything so sat and watched Saturday Kitchen – and fell asleep!


What do you do that annoys your other half?

26 thoughts on “6 Things I Do That Annoy My Other Half”

  1. HA HA i can relate to most of these too. The holding your breath thing would scare me though. I think I could list about 100 things that I do that annoy Doug lol! x

  2. I’m your twin on the phone constantly in hand, it bugs him so much – despite the fact that he’s worse! Fun idea for a post but I think you’re braver than me, I’m not sure I’d like the road asking that question would lead us down!

  3. God i probaly do 100000 million things that annoy mine! I am definately a awful passenger though, alway checking mirrors!

  4. This is such a funny post! I loved reading it. My hubby is very patient with me. The only thing that would annoy him is if I fall asleep while he is saying something. 🙂

  5. HAHA I am a terrible backseat driver, too. But #6 – I’d just be jealous, not annoyed! (And that is so my husband. I am a terrible sleeper).

  6. You and I could actually be twinsies apart from holding your breath I do the exact same things that annoy boo and not sure why but i can fall asleep anywhere fast except my bed alone lol.

  7. This made me giggle so much! Great idea for a post – might ask my hubby to guest post for me, it’ll take too long for me to write, I couldn’t possibly choose just 6!

  8. The Mr will insist on watching something then fall asleep within minutes of putting it on. There is even a patch of wallpaper behind where he usually sits that has faded from his head being against it while he snores.


  9. Always have my phone in my hand too and i fell asleep everywhere, sometimes i watch movies and i fell asleep

  10. I’m often forgetful so my hubs get annoyed when I forget to pick something up from the grocery store. He also gets annoyed when I’m parking the car – I say he’s too picky.

  11. This list made me chuckle 😀 I think pretty much everything I do annoys my other half! Great post.

    Louise x

  12. LOL everyone does have their ‘thing’ don’t they? 🙂 I don’t know what I”d put on my list.

  13. Hehehe such a funny list!! I always have my phone in my hand as well… Drives hubby insane sometimes.

  14. I can not stand my husband’s choice of tv either. He is all about the wilderness people right now and I am so sick of the Bush people I automatically whine as soon as I see them… It’s just an uncontrollable response. 🙂

  15. Ha ha this made me laugh – I am a terrible back seat driver too – oops and my OH gets annoyed that I fall asleep in films – I forgot that one 🙂
    Thanks for doing the tag x

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