6 Main Tips for Quick and Simple Essay Writing

What are the six main tips for essay writing?

Writing is fun when you write a topic you are familiar with. But, if the subject is not familiar or if there is any dearth of time, the task becomes daunting. A college admission essay is more competitive as it is given a lot of importance in the entire admission process. College and admission essays do have separate requirements, but one needs to follow a basic approach in all cases. It must be unique, original and leave a lasting impression on the mind of the reader. A good essay reflects your analytical skills and a unique capability to handle different situations. Your essay must be such that the selection committee must feel that you are a suitable candidate for the admission. If it is a simple class essay, it must adhere to all the instructions stated by the instructor. It must follow the format as prescribed by the college. If you are confused how to write an essay, follow the tips. Spider Essays are professionals in academic writing who will provide you with paper of top quality.

Tips for writing the best essay

If it is an examination essay, your final grade or aggregate marks are reliant on the marks you secure in the essay section. Students often ignore the format being prescribed from the instructors and thus they cut a very sorry figure. It is crucial for students to develop an essay plan prior to proceeding. Your essay must demonstrate how well you can think and express ideas at the same time. A powerful essay will articulate your motivation for attending the class or taking part in the college lessons. If it is an admission essay, the essay must state to the selection committee what it can gain by giving you admission. Check out the tips below:

  • Choosing the topic is the first step. You will be given the subject and need to frame an attractive topic out of that. If you are lucky and are not assigned any subject, you are free to choose a subject. Try and determine your purpose before choosing any topic.
  • Have all the ideas in your mind and prepare the outline. Organize your thoughts and have the plan in your mind. The structure you have will serve as a foundation for the essay.
  • After choosing the topic and having the structure, write your thesis statement. It will have two parts. Firstly, it states the topic and secondly, the point of view.
  • Describe your point of view, the topic and the ideas in an attractive and interesting manner. You can include a bit of humor here and there. Each paragraph of the body must have the similar structure and should revolve around the ideas you have on the mind.
  • The introduction of the essay must be very attractive to draw the attention of the readers. It must leave the readers longing for more and more. An attention grabbing introduction will compel the readers to read more and more.
  • Lastly, close your essay in the best manner by writing a proper conclusion. You must present your overall ideas and offer the final perspective on it.

An essay writing task is not that difficult if you follow the right approach. By following the above tips, you can write an essay that fetches you high marks.

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