5 Ways To Make Your Home Cosy This Winter That Won’t Break The Bank!

The temperature has certainly dropped, hasn’t it! Most of us have dug out our winter boots, scarves and gloves and are spending less and less time outdoors in the freezing winds and driving rain. And because we’re spending more time indoors, there’s nothing wrong with wanting our homes to have an extra level of warmth and coziness, is there?

With Christmas coming, you might be a little constricted by your budget but don’t worry – here you’ll find some handy ideas of how you can make your home nice and cozy this winter without breaking the bank.

Add a touch of green

Once the leaves have fallen from the trees we don’t really give much thought to plants, shrubs, and flowers. But there’s no reason why you can introduce a few to your home. Adding a touch of green with a leafy houseplant will give any room a much need boost. You can check out some gorgeous house plants here. In addition, they say that being surrounded by plants and nature is proven to reduce your heart rate and help your stress levels, so treating yourself to a lovely houseplant will be good for your health too!

Amp up your lighting

You’ll be amazed at the difference a gorgeous light fixture can make. You don’t even have to buy an expensive one to really make an impact. If your budget will stretch then consider adding a standing lamp to a dark and dingy corner of the living room, or a few table lamps here and there. If you want an even cheaper option then never underestimate the power of tea lights and candles. They’ll add an instant warming glow to any room. As will a beautiful set of fairy lights in a warm white glow. Drape them over curtains, door frames, mirrors or mantlepieces for an instant boost of comfort and style.

Update your bedding

We all love getting into a bed made up of clean, fresh sheets. But how about taking it up a notch? Treat yourself to a new set of bedding, not just a beautiful bedspread, but new pillows a new duvet and how about a nice scatter cushion or two? Bliss.

Keep your slippers nearby

It’s sad when we buy a pair of shoes that we love, and they just don’t love us back…if your feet are sore and achey after a long day at work then you can slip straight into comfort as soon as you step through the door. Just keep a set of gorgeously fluffy slippers by the door!

Put up some memories

It might not make your house feel warmer – but filling those blank wall spaces and empty window sills with happy moments will certainly fill your home with memories and loved ones. We all have so many photos stored on our phones, so why not release them at long last and get them on display? You’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.


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