5 Simple Ways To Boost Your Family’s Heart Health

Even though the ‘New Year, New Me’ has long passed, it’s still important to be thinking about what small changes you can make to help your family stay healthy. Although it’s not always the first thing that springs to mind, heart health is incredibly important. The team over at Vitabiotics Cardioace, who provide supplements to support heart function, have put together five simple ways you can help boost your family’s heart health.

Take up meat-free Mondays

You may have heard of the ‘meat-free Monday’ trend, where people aim to go without meat each Monday. This is a great way to boost your overall health if you regularly eat processed or red meats. These meats can raise blood cholesterol levels, so going without for one day a week could help stave off the negative effects associated with eating them.

Up your fibre intake

Although you might not see the immediate connection between fibre and your heart, upping your fibre intake has been linked to a reduced risk of heart disease. The NHS recommends that adults aim for at least 30g per day of fibre, and children should be looking to consume around 15g per day. To help you boost your intake, try grabbing a handful of nuts for an on-the-go snack, or swap your usual white bread for whole grain instead.

Cut down on salty foods

Salt is one of those pesky ingredients that is hidden away in lots of foods that you might not even realise. As it’s closely linked to high blood pressure and poor heart health, it’s worth checking the labels on your go-to groceries and treats, and opting for low salt or low sodium options when possible. Use salt sparingly when seasoning your food too, as it’s easy to add more than you realise when cooking at home.

Sing your favourite tunes

Although this sounds like an unusual tip, singing along to the radio is a great way to help support your heart according to Heart Research UK. Singing helps to relax us, lowering blood pressure, which is good for the heart. Other benefits, such as increased lung capacity, help to support heart function too.

Get moving

We all know the importance of getting regular exercise, but this is especially important if you’re trying to improve your heart health. Don’t head straight into running marathons though – it’s easy to sneak in small bursts of exercise during the day. Try taking the stairs instead of hopping in the lift, or get off the bus a stop or two early and walk the rest of the way.

These simple tips and tricks can easily fit into busy day-to-day life but will have a significant impact on your heart health for years to come.

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