5 Home Security Gadgets – How To Get More Hi-Tech In 2021

Do you know that more than 1.5 million burglaries happen every year? You cannot even imagine yourself being a victim of such incidents. If you haven’t yet invested in a home security system, it is time to think about it right now. If you needed convincing about how tech can help you in pretty much every aspect of your life, look at this. Following are a few gadgets that you must be aware of before you make this investment and upgrade your protection:

1.   Dependable Security Cameras

The Internet of Things has done wonders for security cameras. They now come with high-definition video recording along with Wi-Fi access. They can capture phenomenal picture quality even at night. These can be connected directly to your smartphones and laptops, tablets, and computers for complete and unhindered surveillance. You can keep an eye on your property from wherever you are. Security cameras, since the day they were conceived, have come a long way and become much more discrete. If you think that there is a looming threat to your kids or pets, these modern-day cameras can easily keep a check on them and keep you updated regarding the same 24/7.

2.   Smart Locks For A Smart Home

Gone is the time when you used to sweat over the security of your doors and windows. Smart locks can give your home the much-needed security it deserves. These don’t just have touch-sensitive keypads but highly secured and encrypted Wi-Fi as well. You can control these locks from your smartphones even when you are far off on a family vacation. You can give a house-sitter or probably a reliable neighbor access to your house so that they can check up on your property regularly. You can even open and shut your doors and windows with the remote access feature that comes with these smart locks. 

3.   Video Doorbell For Your Security

This is probably one of the most innovative and affordable ways to add an extra layer of protection to your home security measures. Video doorbells use the existing double wiring that you have already installed in your house. These are capable of recording a video of the visitor whenever they approach your door to ring the bell. Some video doorbells can be easily connected with your smart devices and can also activate sirens and locks with home assistant support. You should always look for something that has a night vision range of at least 25 feet. Go for a camera sensor that allows you to record high-resolution videos even in low light conditions.

4.   Blinds To Blind The Burglars

Talk about remote-controlled peripherals, the motorized blinds that you get in the market today are no less than a technical marvel. You can easily program these motorized/automated blinds to close and open at certain times of the day. These can be controlled with your smartphone and other smart devices as well. All you have to do is keep a track of the time in your city, especially if you are in a different time zone. This lets you control the blinds remotely without alerting any prying eyes that may be keeping a watch on your house.

5.   Let There Be Smart Light

Smart lights are equipped with smart sensors, quite obvious, isn’t it? These are going to light up whenever they sense any motion or human presence approaching them. Some of them can be easily snapped to the wall, while others are installed just like a regular light bulb. Smart bulbs and smart switches make your house appear to be occupied. They are a very practical way of preventing any potential burglaries while you are away.

Agreed that your existing home security system is quite efficient as it is. However, you need to upgrade with time. If you want your surveillance system or CCTV cameras to pack a punch, do consider these upgrades. They will ensure not just the safety of your family but your peace of mind as well.

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