5 Easy Ways To Make Your Life More Eco Friendly

The importance of environmental sustainability is becoming more apparent than ever. More and more people are trying everything they can to reduce the waste they create and live a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

If you’re someone who has resolved themselves to making some big changes to help the environment, then you’re taking on a difficult but rewarding challenge. Some of the switches that you have to make may seem daunting, but the changes become easier once you take your first few steps into the world of sustainability. The following are 6 easy ways to make your life more eco-friendly.


  1. Eat Less Meat. Over a quarter of the earth’s land is used for raising and supporting livestock. The amount of greenhouse gases created by the meat industry is overwhelming. When you choose to cut meat from your meals, you’re taking a small but important step in reducing the overall emissions of harmful gases, such as nitrous oxide and CO2. Incorporate different vegetables and replacement meat products into your diet – after a while, you won’t miss your old lifestyle!
  2. Use Less Paper and Plastic; Recycle More. When you cut out paper and plastic from your daily life, you contribute to saving the planet. With technology today, you hardly even need paper for anything. For those who can’t get rid of paper, because they use it at their job, try to recycle it as much as you can. While you’re there, it’s also a good idea to reduce your plastic consumption. Instead of getting plastic bags when you’re out grocery shopping, buy your own canvas bag that you can take with you to transport all of your purchases. Plus, canvas bags can typically hold more and are made of sturdier materials. If you do use plastic, recycle it when you can. Every small change can make a difference.
  3. Start a Compost Pile or Bin. Compost bins have been a popular trend these last few months. They are a great way to reduce waste. They allow you to reuse items you’d normally just throw away, such as banana peels and the parts of vegetables you toss. The organic material you put into your compost will break down into nutrients that will help you grow your garden or keep your lawn green. Plus, it saves you more money. You no longer have to buy expensive compost when you’re making your own.
  4. Purchase the Right Light Bulb. Using less electricity reduces the energy you use and, in turn, reduces your carbon footprint. One way to use less electricity is to ensure all lights are turned off when you’re not in a room. However, people are forgetful, and lights will be left on from time to time. A more realistic approach is to be conscious of the light bulbs you buy to replace ones that have gone out. Instead of buying incandescent lights, purchase compact fluorescent bulbs. These lights will last five times longer and use less electricity than the alternative.
  5. Cut Down on Energy in Your Home. Besides switching the light bulbs you use, there are many other ways you can cut back on the energy used in your home. One of the easiest things you can do is adjust your thermostat based on the season. For example, in the summer raise the temperature so that it doesn’t turn on when it’s not needed – alternatively, turn it off altogether.You can also unplug your appliances when you’re not using them and change the way you wash your clothes. When you’re doing laundry, opt for line-drying your clothes instead of the dryer if you have an outdoor space. Using a heavy-duty but environmentally friendly detergent, like Vollwaschmittel, for washing your clothes will also help reduce energy. Vollwaschmittel is a HAKA heavy-duty washing powder that doesn’t contain any unnecessary fillers, meaning you can use less to get clothes just as clean.

Taking small steps like the ones listed above can really help you keep the environment safe.

The Bottom Line

If you’re someone who wants to make positive changes in your life, start with changing how you interact with the environment. Being eco-friendly has a positive effect on both you and those around you. Making your life a little greener doesn’t have to be hard! Get started living the most eco-friendly life possible today!

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