3 Ways To Create A Family-Friendly Garden

Do you remember the last time you and your family spent some time outdoors? There is a lot of research indicating that we don’t spend a lot of time in the natural world—instead, children and adults are choosing to spend time watching television or playing with smartphones and tablets indoors. A study shows that fewer than one-third of children are active to a healthy level. To be healthy, the Sports and Fitness Industry Association recommend that children should spend about 25 minutes doing physical activity at least three times a week. In order to get your kids to put them their gadgets and head outdoors, why not create a fun garden that everyone in the family can enjoy? By making a few changes to your outdoor space, your kids can have the ideal place to play and moreover, having such a place will encourage them to live an active lifestyle. Here are 3 ways to design a family-friendly garden.

Break up the space into different zones

Planning a fun outdoor space is easier if you break up your garden into different zones. For instance, consider having a seating area, an active play zone, a patch of ground covered in soft grass for free play activities, and a playhouse or a sturdy tree house.

Make the seating area attractive and comfortable

Instead of sitting around indoors, head over to your garden with your kids and spend some quality time in your outdoor seating area. Even if you’re sitting still, just being out in nature can benefit your physical and mental health. Create a serene and comfy environment by placing cushions covered in weather-proof fabric on top of patio furniture. Place an outdoor wall or freestanding water fountain near the seating area so your kids can be soothed by the sounds of running water. You should also add a few accessories like a weatherproof rug, paper lanterns, strings of LED lights, and other elements that you and your kids love.

Design a fun play area

You can buy ready-made play equipment, but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t DIY a few kids’ equipment such as a seesaw or a classic tire swing. You can also make an obstacle course using old tires and other materials, making sure to change it up every other month to keep your kids engaged. Include a sand pit, a climbing wall, and if you have the space for it, a zipline which will surely make your garden a favourite of your kids and their friends. Just make sure to check that all your play equipment are safe.

Having a fun outdoor space can help to improve your children’s health and keep them healthy and happy while at home. Follow these tips to create a family-friendly garden and see how it enhances your family’s relationship and improves well-being.

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