3 Amazing Ways In Which Technology Is Improving Health Care

The healthcare industry has continued to witness a number of positive changes over the years to the present-day and that is largely due to the role of technology. The importance of technology can be observed in the various facets of the healthcare industry including in collecting information, treatment, research and communication by medical providers.

But then even with the changes that are brought about by technology in the healthcare, it is a fact that compared to other industries the adoption of new technologies in this sector has been slower. The slow adoption of new technologies can be attributed due to the fact that there is the presence of very strict regulations and of course medical information is sensitive in nature. All the same, some significant strides have been made and consequently here are the 3 amazing ways in which technology is improving healthcare.

  1. The internet provides critical medical information

In one study done in 2004 by Pew Internet and American Life Project, it was established that from about 8 million people who used the internet, about 66% of the number searched for medical information. In another study done in 2009, about 24 million Americans indicated that they had used the internet to search for medical information.

Generally, the main source of information including medical information is the internet and increasingly a number of people are using the internet. The medical information that can be found on the internet and that people are looking for includes symptoms, treatments and medicines for diseases and conditions.

Furthermore, you can also get information in regards to maintaining or improving your health and there are a number of ways available or provided online for that purpose. For example, the use of workout machines, sleeping aid, eating healthy food, participating in sports is greatly recommended.

The internet as a source of medical information has made patients and people generally more empowered to be able to make the best of decisions in regards to their medical issues. But even with the amazing way healthcare has been greatly improved, it must be stressed that you should never forego seeking the help of a doctor.

  1. Better Treatment

This is definitely an obvious way in which technology has been able to greatly improve the healthcare. That is in terms of providing new and effective machines, medicines and of course treatment. The improvement in the safety of medical procedures definitely has led to a number of patients being able to recover from treatment. Furthermore, the recovery time has also been greatly reduced in some instances from a number of weeks to just a couple of days.

The importance of technological changes has not only been beneficial to healing patients but also in helping improved research which translates into a healthcare that is more effective. With better treatment as a result of better technological changes it means that there is less suffering of patients.

  1. Prediction of medical trends accurately using an online database

With the present technology, a number of healthcare records are being stored by electronic means or in a digital database because there are a number of associated benefits. One benefit of storing medical information in an online database is that it becomes possible to predict medical trends.

For example, when you want to search for information online, you will use a search engine such as Google, which is really popular. Google has been able to predict medical trends accurately, for instance flu outbreaks.

The process of predicting the medical trends is explained by Google through Google.org. The explanation goes that it is true that not everybody who searches for the word “flu” is in fact unwell. But even with that fact considered, when in the end the search queries related to flu are able to be combined together, a pattern would likely emerge. For example, a number of search queries related to flu are often popular at a time when it happens to be a flu season. If the search queries are able to be counted depending on how often they are seen then it would be possible to estimate in various counties/regions how much of the influenza disease is circulating.

With this kind of precise and concise information available to medical experts, it would be possible to respond as quickly as possible to outbreaks and of course take preventative measures.

In conclusion, provided above are only three amazing ways on how technology is improving health. I admit that there are a number of other amazing ways. If you factor in all of these ways then you will be able to appreciate the importance of technology and its adoption in the provision of a better healthcare.


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