10 Secrets To Raising Happy Children

Every parent will want for their children to be happy. Even if you had a fantastic childhood, you would want your kids to have a better upbringing than you, which will ensure they are filled with fantastic memories once they reach adulthood. Find out the 10 secrets to raising happy children.

  • Make Yourself Happy

If you want to raise happy children, then you need to be happy yourself. Children can be more perceptive than you think, so they will notice when you’re sad or unhappy. You, therefore, owe it to both them and yourself to care for your mind and body. By doing so, you can prevent your children from acting out or developing behavioural problems.

Make time to relax after a stressful day with a bubble bath, or enjoy time away from the children to socialize with friends, and treat yourself when possible. You’ll be happier for it and your children will be, as a result.

  • Encourage Effort and Not Perfection

Most parents want the best for their children, but you must only encourage effort and not perfection. Those who emphasize the importance of perfection and achievement are reportedly more likely to raise children with higher levels of anxiety or depression. So, always encourage your son or daughter to work hard without putting too much pressure on their shoulders.

  • Promote Optimism

Optimism can often be equated to happiness. If you want your children to develop a glass half full approach to life, you should teach your kids the importance of developing a positive mindset. According to research, a ten-year-old who is taught how to develop an optimistic interpretation to the world are half as likely to develop depression once they reach puberty.

You can promote optimism by monitoring your own behaviour. For example, try not to complain in front of your kids. So, stop saying things like “we’re never going to get there” or “it’s always raining”. The more you moan about your day, the more likely your children will do the same. You should also tell your children there is no such word as “can’t,” so they will believe they can do anything they set their mind to.

  • Dress Your Kids to Impress

Sadly, many children suffer from bullying by other children. Children are visual by nature, so they are more likely to judge a child based on his or her clothing. Not only will stylish clothing prevent cruel comments, but it can also help children to develop a sense of style and feel loved by their parents. Learn more about the best designer clothes for kids that are sure to bring a big smile to their face.

  • Avoid Spoiling Your Children

You might want to give your child more than you had as a kid, but you could be causing them more harm than good. Stop trying to make your children constantly happy by showering him or her with gifts, which will not set your child up for the real world. Spoiling your children will ultimately lead to a spoilt child, and they will not have a happy childhood if they’re constantly chastised for their bad behaviour. Raise happy children by not giving them everything they want when they want it, so they’ll learn the value of money and will appreciate the items they receive when you choose to give it.

  • Work with Shyness

Not all children are extroverts. Research has found that shyness is often a part of a child’s personality and it can be a difficult trait to change. Whilst you might want to help them to break out of their shell, it might be easier to work with their shyness rather than against it. You can, therefore, raise children who can be true to their personality. Pushing them too far out of their comfort zone could actually make them become more introverted, and they could consequently develop anxiety.

  • Slow Down to Match Your Child’s Pace

Adulthood can be chaotic, but your children will experience a much slower pace of life. Avoid creating a hectic lifestyle for your child by learning to slow down yourself, so schedule more time for a trip to the grocery store or for a bedtime routine. Not only will it help you to complement your child’s pace, but it will allow you both to spend more meaningful moments together, which can boost his or her feelings of security.

  • Give Your Children Your Full Attention

While children do not need their parents’ attention 24 hours per day, you should give them your full attention when they need it, so they feel as if they are seen and listened to each day. Prove you are there for your children by closing social media when your child talks to you, or not spending many an hour on your work emails.

  • Listen and Support Your Teenage Children

Teenagers might struggle to cope with their changing hormones, so they might be unable to articulate their emotions. As a result, they might throw the occasional tantrum. Rather than punishing your child for their behaviour, you should try to listen to your son or daughter to understand how they are feeling. The more support you give to your child, the more likely they will approach you with a worry or problem that is affecting their lives, and the more help and advice you can give them.

  • Show Affection

It doesn’t matter if you are raising a new-born or a teenager, you should try to show affection for your child in different ways. From saying “I love you” as they head off to school to giving them a kiss and a hug before bedtime – even if they have misbehaved. It will provide them with a loving, warm, and secure environment that will ensure they have a happy childhood, as they will never doubt how much you love them each day.

How do you raise happy children? Share your helpful advice in the below comment section.

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